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    We’re coffee roasters driven by a few core values: service, hospitality, community and a never-ending pursuit of improvement.

    Simply speaking, we’re about quality…not quantity. We put time, thought and effort into bringing you a specialty coffee that comes from ethically sourced farms from around the world. These relationships between the farms and client are the integral part of our story that finds its way to your cup.

    Being the first coffee roastery in Coffs Harbour, Stoka is built on a formidable base of passionate hospitality gurus and a national latte art champion. This has brought to the table a level of experience and expertise that has been quietly producing beans that are known for its versatility and consistent nature attuned to a spectrum of palates. Thankfully, over the years people have embraced our blends and single origins to be coming back for more.

    Finally, our small team of eclectic coffee enthusiasts are more than ever dedicated to evolve with the industry and expand our range.

    If there’s a coffee involved after a surf…we’re all in!