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    As a coffee roaster in a thriving city, we have a unique position in our area to make wholesome choices so that industry as a whole benefits for the long term. This being said, businesses such as Stoka have a responsibility to make ethical decisions that transform linear models of production into circular economies that are designed to target keeping products and materials in use, and then regenerating those natural systems. For instance, by incorporating reusable, or compostable products in our key waste areas, we can effectively create a sustainable buying pattern while reducing our carbon footprint.

    The Ellen Macarthur Foundation has coined three essential principles that encapsulate a circular business model: 




    STOKA is dedicated to pursuing the abolishment of physical impacts from the coffee industry. On average Australians are consuming more coffee than ever with a large portion of this consumption revolving around 2.7 million single-use cups being thrown out each day. We are dedicated to working with companies and businesses that incorporate this type of growth mindset. We're also committed to using reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging in every facet of our business and will continue to work towards this goal over the coming years. Our packaging and disposable waste solutions are known for it's reliability, quality and environmental impact that works towards driving the ethos of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's vision for a 'Circular Economy' where all the packaging can be broken down in a matter of weeks via plant-based biopolymers and compostable materials.